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Bhuvanesvari: The supreme of manifested existence

Devi as Bhuvanesvari, Kangra, Pahari, c. 1825, © MFA, 17.2572

Bija Mantra

om hrim bhuvanesvaryai namah

Om Maya we bow to the Supreme of Manifested Existence

Gayatri Mantra

om narayanyai vidmahe bhuvanesvaryai dhimahi I

tannoI devi pracodayat II

Om we mediate upon She who Exposes of Consciousness, contemplate She who is the Supreme of Manifested Existance. May that Goddess grant us increase.


Her complexion is vermillion in color. She has three eyes and wears a crown resplendent with jewels. She has the disk of the moon on her brow and has a smiling face. Her breasts are high and firm. In her two hands she holds a red lotus and a bowl filled with jewels. She is very peaceful and amiable. Her right foot rests on a jeweled jar. In this way one should meditate upon the supreme mother goddess-


The post has been written by Rajeshwari Shah. Rajeshwari has a Masters in Art History and is interested deeply in Indian culture and religion with a special interest in Indian miniature paintings. She can be found on Instagram @rajeorchha

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