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Gratitude to all the beautiful souls who appreciate our designs 


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Bina kak

Politician, actor, social activist, photographer


Bina Da wearing our 

khadi pichwai upvan saree

Sonya Sapru’s Designs spell comfort and elegance. 

I love that they are one of a kind! 

Sonya’s sophisticated colour palettes, her beautiful prints, and her ethically sourced sustainable fabrics bring much joy to wear – 

and it is always so special to be stopped by strangers to receive compliments!”

Abha Nanda


Wearing Sonya Sapru, I feel loved, blessed, comfortable, complete and ‘fresh as a daisy’  Sonya’s design, color combinations and natural fabrics are always telling   an amazing story…  

Soul Sister

For a working girl to dress it up or down with the whole body breathing these are perfect. I LOVE them and people give me compliments on them

Monica Saxena

Sonya Sapru’s designs are special. Made with ageless organic cotton, khadi, mulmul and linen the cuts are stylish yet simple. Each garment is crafted with love and Sonya’s creativity can be seen in the colour palate, detailing and the prints which are unique.The clothes can be worn to any occasion and are very   comfortable. I have been wearing Sonya Sapru’s clothes for several years and I can truly say they are a celebration of womanhood!  

Shilpi Rai

Breathable fabrics in flowing silouettetes…. makes Sonya Saprus designs an absolute delight to wear…


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