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Dhumavati: She who removes all frustration or agitation

The Goddess Dhumavati, Mandi, 1725-50, Source-Navin Kumar Gallery

Bija Mantra

om dhum dhum dhumavati svaha

Om who removes all Frustration or Agitation, Who removes all Frustration or Agitation, I am one with God!

Gayatri Mantra

om dhumavatyai vidmahe vivarnayai dhimahi I

tanno devi pracodayat II

Om we meditate upon She who removes all Frustration or Agitation, contemplate She who is free from Disrepute. May that Goddess grant us increase.


The goddess should be imagined in the following way. Her complexion is like the black clouds that form at the time of cosmic dissolution. Her face is very wrinkled, and her nose, eyes, and throat resemble a crow’s. She carries a broom, a winnowing fan, a torch, and a club. Her face has a venomous expression. She is very old, and she wears the plain clothes of a mendicant. She has disheveled hair, and her breasts are dry and withered. She is without mercy. She frowns. –Prapancasarasara samgraha

The post has been written by Rajeshwari Shah. Rajeshwari has a Masters in Art History and is interested deeply in Indian culture and religion with a special interest in Indian miniature paintings. She can be found on Instagram @rajeorchha

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