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Matangi: She who is the measurement of all limbs of creation

The Goddess Matangi, c. 1760. Mewar, © Brooklyn Museum, 84.201.9

Bija Mantra

om hrim klim hum matamgyai phat svaha

Om all that can be perceived in the gross body, subtle body, and beyond, the cause of manifested existance merging into perfection in the casual body, cut the ego, Oh Measurement of all the limbs of creation, purify, I am One with God!

Gayatri Mantra

om matamgyai ca vidmahe srikamesvaryai dhimahi I

tanno devi pracodyat II

Om we meditate upon The Measurement of all the limbs of creation, contemplate the Respected Supreme Goddess of all Desires. May that Goddess grant us increase.


She is seated on a corpse. Her clothes and all her ornaments are red. She wears a garland of gunja seeds [a small forest seed]. She is sixteen years old and has full breasts. She holds a skull and a sword in her two hands. She should be offered leftovers [uccista].- Brhat Tantrasara

The post has been written by Rajeshwari Shah. Rajeshwari has a Masters in Art History and is interested deeply in Indian culture and religion with a special interest in Indian miniature paintings. She can be found on Instagram @rajeorchha

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