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Small Business & Community

Sonya Sapru, sitting at a table in the studio -
Sonya, at the Studio
"These are establishments that are often the character of a neighbourhood, a community. The relationships created between customers and those that work in in independent business, frequently go beyond just purchases – it becomes familial”. – Rembert Browne, New York Magazine

This march we’re celebrating the resilience, creativity, and adaptability of small businesses! The pandemic has forever altered the way in which we shop. At a time when in-person shopping interactions have been replaced by online and oftentimes impersonal shopping experiences - the #shopsmall movement is one way to reclaim the personalised and customer-oriented experience of shopping. It's also a way to support your friends, neighbours, and fellow creatives- those who are following their dreams, and putting them out into the world!

Our favourite reasons to shop small:

  1. Small is sustainable: Smaller businesses usually have shorter manufacturer to consumer journeys, and are often makers – producing goods locally, and in many cases working directly with their hands, and not with machines. At Sonya Sapru Designs, our sustainable fabrics are handwoven and are soured directly from communities and artisans. They are then designed, tailored, and enhanced directly at our studio. Read more about our philosophy.

  2. Positive impact on local/ creative economy: Think about the ripple and multiplier effects. Small businesses foster eco-systems that enable other small businesses to thrive. The community of small business owners is supportive, and actively working to inspire and amplify other small businesses.

  3. You matter more: Relationships in small businesses, go beyond the transactional! The intimacy and personalised care of small business, is hard to scale - customer interactions are far removed from the layers of bureaucracy and anonymity that characterise bigger businesses. Conversations and customisations are essential parts of the #shopsmall experience.

How do you get involved in, and support the small business movement? Here’s a great start:

  1. Shop small: not just on small business saturday or specific days, but every-day that you can! Need flowers, gifts, groceries? Think about your local corner stores – say hallo, and build your community!

  2. Get vocal on social: small businesses often rely on foot traffic and word of mouth to keep things running smoothy. Support them online – share their posts, leave reviews, tag your friends where you can! Does the small business have a loyalty programme? A newsletter? A blog? Sign up, and share the word!

  3. Reach out: You may have built relationships with some of the small business owners where you usually shop – reach out and ask how you can support them. If you’re a business owner too, stick together and support your fellow founders.

This march, we want to celebrate small business communities – building connections and amplifying networks. If you’re a small business, or a small business shopper, and would want to be featured on our page, please reach out to us via Instagram.

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