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Work From Home Wardrobe – A Photo Essay

Sarojini at her desk - contemplating in a red tunic part of her work from home wardrobe

Raise your hands if you haven’t bothered to change out of your pyjamas at least one day during lockdown – or if your work from home wardrobe is really just your ‘day’ pyjamas. I know I’m guilty of both. I’m also guilty of jumping on a work video call with freshly washed hair – at 4 PM (I tried to hide the evidence by pulling up my hair). I’ve also pulled many more late nights working on projects in the last couple of months than I have in years.

The sudden shift to work from home can be confusing. It blurs the lines between work and home. When are you available for work? When can you kick back and spend time with your loved ones or do something you enjoy? It really isn’t clear. There’s also no point in pretending things are okay right now. This is a hard time for everyone and we are worried about the people we know, the people we love, we don’t know what’s to come – and we’re trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy with work, with our families, with our lives overall.

Thoughtful in work from home wardrobe.

Getting dressed is a goal that I’ve found really helps me. It comes with caveats though. Each day, I try to make sure I’m wearing something comfortable – no stiff office clothes, I want to feel like I’m breathing! That can be difficult sometimes, because it means I gravitate towards sweat pants and T-shirts — and end up feeling slouchy all day. The key, I’ve learned is to find the things you love – that loose dress, those salwars and try new things. It’s a way to feel confident and explore your style while still feeling comfortable. With that in mind, we thought we’d bring you a few pictures to inspire your work from home wardrobe.

pacing in work from home wardrobe

This is a difficult time and this is a reminder to take care of yourself, to spend time (virtually or at home, if they’re with you) with the people you love, and to reach out for support. Sending you love from Sonya Sapru Designs.

On time in work from home wardrobe.

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