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Bhairavi: She who is free from all fear

The Goddess Bhairavi Devi with Shiva, Attributed to Payag, Mughal, ca. 1630–35, © MET, 2011.409

Bija Mantra

om hasaraim hasakalarim hasarauh

Om who manifests consciousness and nature in wisdom, manifests manifests consciousness and nature in the casual body, manifests consciousness and nature in that which is beyond.

Gayatri Mantra

om tripurayai vidmahe bhairavyai dhimahi I

Tanno devi pracodayat II

Om we meditate upon She who resides in three places, contemplete She who is free from all fear. May that Goddess grant us increase.


She is brilliant like the rising sun and wears the moon crest on her head. She has three eyes and is lovely in her various ornaments. She is the destroyer of enemies. She wears a garland of freshly severed heads that are still vomiting blood. She wears red clothes. She has ten hands and carries a trident, small drum, sword, club, bow, arrows, noose, goad, book, and rosary. She is seated on a corpse throne.-Brhat Tantrasara

The post has been written by Rajeshwari Shah. Rajeshwari has a Masters in Art History and is interested deeply in Indian culture and religion with a special interest in Indian miniature paintings. She can be found on Instagram @rajeorchha

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